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Windows with built in blinds

Integral Blinds

What are Integral Blinds?; Integral Blinds are blinds which are enclosed between two panes of glass also known as windows with built in blinds, that are controlled with a magnetic system or motorised. The magnetic system at skylight integral Blinds has a two control mechanism, one to control the tilt & the other to control the lowering and raising of the blind. This Integral blind comes with various colour and glass options, standard sizes include 24 Unit thickness & 16mm cavity or 28 unit thickness with 20mm cavity. Glass options including, acoustic, laminated & toughened glass.

Size Limitations,

All units below 350mm height are a Tilt action Only
All Blinds over 350mm height and Lift and Tilt as standard:
Size Limitations up to 1700mm high:
  • A Single Blind 1500 in width x 1700 in height
  • A Double Blind 3000 in width x 1700 in height
The Size Limitations between 1700mm height and 3000mm height:
  • A Single Blind 1200 in width x 3000 in height
  • A Double Blind 2400 in width x 3000 in height

Skylight Integral Blinds

What are Skylight Integral Blinds?; This Integral blind has fantastic purpose when considering windows with built in blinds, whether that be a skylight or a Upvc standard window unit. This product is a pleated motorised blind which comes with a wall switch allowing you to control shade and privacy at the touch of a button. The Skylight when fitted will always have a 5 degree angle allowing water to run smoothly off however, this is not a noticeable feature when fitted and ready for use.

The product comes with various attractive elements such as,

  • Colour options 
  • Glass Options 
  • 5-Year Warranty 
  • Tailored Installation 
  • We supply, deliver and fit


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